Weird new symptom alert!

I was lying in bed on Saturday morning, enjoying a rare lie-in (7.30!) when my right foot suddenly became hot – then it switched itself off again to it’s normal temperature. It then switched itself on and off three or four more times instantly turning hot and then normal again until I decided to get up and fix breakfast.

It hasn’t done it since, but this is a new one for me and I expect it will probably happen again at some point. The whole thing was very peculiar, but because I know the reasons why this sort of thing happens it doesn’t freak me out.

When I first developed MS symptoms, I expected something a lot worse and I noticed every twitch of a muscle, every tingle, every hyper-sensitive patch on my body, but when I was given the label of MS that I could slap on everything I was experiencing, I was more able to cope.

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