Weird new symptom alert – update

The on-and-off hot foot sensation from the other day has now been replaced with an ice cold foot. For most of my drive in to work this morning my right foot felt as if I had been kicking snow around with inadequate footwear on.

I worry about my right foot and leg. I often think that in the unlikely event that I “lose” a leg – it’s going to be the right one. Bang go my childhood dreams of playing on the wing for Man City.

I know I have at least three large patches of myelin damage in my spinal cord – the one that causes L’hermitte’s must have been subdued somewhat but seeing as I’m having bad pins and needles in both hands at the moment and a seriously fuzzy leg I’m wondering if the increased dose of Rebif (beta interferon) is having this effect. Another increase in dose next week – oh joy!

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