Double trouble?

My jobs for this evening include stripping wallpaper, bathtime and bedtime for the kids, wrapping Christmas presents, going to the supermarket to stock up on festive goodies, shifting the sofa and covering it with dust sheets ready for the plasterer… oh! and shooting up with Rebif (left thigh night tonight).

Well it’s full dose time, today. After a couple of weeks of Beta Interferon at 22 micrograms, I double it to 44 tonight. From what I have read on discussion boards etc, the side-effects should start kicking in from now on. Hurrah! I have already experienced the achey joints and the hot flushes – will I get them twice as often? Will they be twice as bad? Will I start getting the injection site reactions I have heard about?

Probably none of the above.

Only time will tell, of course.

Typically, I have forgotten to attend this morning’s scheduled blood test and have apologetically re-arranged it for first thing tomorrow morning – the ‘morning after’ so to speak. Also, typically, the next injection is on Christmas Eve.

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