Health Professional Body-count

With my long-awaited referral to a neuropsychologist finally coming through and my work leave sheet bursting with hospital and GP appointments, I thought it might be amusing to tot up the number of health professionals I have met regarding my MS since last summer.

  • Phlebotomists – 5
  • Neurologists – 4
  • General Practitioners – 4
  • Radiologists – 4
  • Practice Nurses – 2
  • Ward Nurses – 1
  • MS Nurses – 1
  • Physiotherapists – 1
  • Neuropsychologists – 1
  • Occupational Health Nurse – 1

So without including pharmacists, medical students, drug company staff, couriers, receptionists, admin staff, haematologists and other backroom staff – a grand total of 24 healthcare professionals have been involved in caring for my MS face-to-face to date.

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