That’s how I feel.

My better half is wrapped up in bed with a stomach bug, and after a day of feeling a bit bloated I am wondering if I might have the same thing.

I hope not.

Last time I had a stomach bug – a bad one – I spent a night of hell as the MS, particularly the vertigo kicked in. Every movement I made spun the world around a Dave centred axis forcing me to retch as the seasickness took control.

Irony of ironies tonight I was meant to go to my first local MS Society social evening. I have been looking forward to it for ages as well.

But I feel just too bleurrggghhh!

2 thoughts on “Bleurrggghhh!

  1. MS is good at wrecking plans. One night I plotted Herrad up while I biked to the venue to give my tickets for a long awaited concert to any one who looked scruffy enough to need them. A young punk couple were shocked when I told them I could not spare any change but if they wanted to go to the concert they were welcome…Their wee faces was a little compensation for the massive disappointment we felt.R

  2. Your post was linked to mine. Hope you feel well soon! I can sympathise, just been sick for the last two days. Betty x

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