Bowed but unbroken

I’m on a long anticipated holiday in Cornwall – one of my favourite parts of the world. Visited the Eden Project today but managed to slip on some wooden edged steps (April showers). As I was carrying my youngest daughter at the time I could only let myself fall and I cracked my spine so hard on the steps I couldn’t move or feel my legs for a while afterwards. My whole rib cage ached. Daughter unscathed except for the shock.

A couple of passers by asked if I was OK and I managed to sit upright and regain feeling in their company. I now have a massive bruise across my back and expect to stiffen up overnight.

Half an hour after the fall, I was OK again and enjoying the day but there was a moment where I thought I had broken my back so if all I suffer is a bruise and stiffness, I’ll count it as a blessing.

PS – limited internet access – can read but can’t tweet etc.

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