Back update

Back very sore and hurts when pressing against something, like the back of a seat, but apart from that it’s OK – no stiffness or anything. Daughter unhurt, which is the main thing. In fact the only time she cried was when I said I’d really hurt myself and when I lied that Daddy was OK, she stopped – bless ‘er.

Currently sitting in a static caravan being battered by strong winds and rain. Looking forward to a day of sunshine (before Thursday’s heavy rain forecast) and meeting friends in St Ives – one of my happy places. Last time I came to St Ives I didn’t know what was up with me and was convinced I had a brain tumour. Nice to return in happier (!) times.

Promised ourselves fish and chips tomorrow after not queueing at Rick Stein’s place in Padstow today. Three queues – one for the sit down chippy experience, one to place take away order and another to collect take away order. The chips looked very nice I have to say, so the craving only intensified.

2 thoughts on “Back update

  1. Hi Dave. A few days on now- I hope the back is OK! Cornwall is lovely and I am determined to see the Eden Project one day my self. A nature loving acquaintance described its “Just a bloody great green house- all right if you like gardening”I suspect I may have a greater enthusiasm.I hope the rest of the time went off without you needing a stunt double!Richie

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