Pet peeves – part one – the MS makeover

Imagine – you have woken up with instant jet lag. The world is spinning. Your fingers are feeling fuzzy as you fiddle with the buttons on your shirt. Your vision is playing tricks on you. You are moody. Your legs may as well be encased in concrete because you can barely lift them as youContinue reading “Pet peeves – part one – the MS makeover”

a little bit further along that long road to fitness

Managed two miles tonight in my secret moorland training camp. Yay! target reached. Contended with failing light, with mist/drizzle (mizzle?) and a sharp headwind on the flat and downhill sections, but luckily behind me for the uphill. Oh! and an undone shoelace for much of the second mile I think the “bad” weather helped. IContinue reading “a little bit further along that long road to fitness”