The long road to fitness

I went for a run this evening out on the moors. There’s a triangle of road that is exactly a mile round so it’s easy to assess how (un)fit I am.

I hit the MS wall at one mile. Uhthoff not far behind – my eyes starting to play tricks. I just couldn’t lift my feet at all.

Next time I go out, I will aim for two miles.

Two years ago, I was going out for two five mile runs every week, involving hill climbs, the lot. I also wondered why I couldn’t see properly as I was running or why my leg was going numb in the shower afterwards.

I feel surprisingly un-fatigued now and it’s quite late. Just sitting in my tingly cloud. Must try to go out again before my personal trainer comes on Thursday.

2 thoughts on “The long road to fitness

  1. I salute you. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to step out your front door. It’s all relative too – even struggling your way around a mile is fitter than most people will ever be. Having said that, I’m currently seeing my own physical abilities take a steady downwards curve, and I’m trying not to think about where it might end up. I’m going to try the Robin Hood Half Marathon this year to raise some money for the MS Society. I don’t think I’ll be aiming to do more than just get around, mind. I’ve also got my sights on the London Triathlon: I had to drop out in 2005 when I first started getting symptoms and went down to support a friend, and the sight of my name on the back of the event t-shirt tells me that I have unfinished business.Keep on moving comrade.

  2. Thanks! I had forgotten how much I like running, so I am determined to keep at it. I keep meaning to enter a 10k, but I remember always hitting that wall at 5 miles. I’ll get there.

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