2 thoughts on “World MS Day

  1. That’s a great video, although it’s brought a tear to my eye as it’s obviously quite close to home. I gave myself my first shot of avonex on tuesday, and although I was relatively side-effect free, it’s really brought it home to me how my life has changed and how quickly. A few people at work know, and whilst not going on about it, I’ve decided not to keep it a secret if people ask or want to know. I realise that this will open me up to people’s preconceptions, but I’ve also decided that this is exactly the way to combat people’s preconceptions.

  2. The film is really good, considering the number of messages they have managed to convey in one short film. I must admit to feeling a little emotional when I first saw it as well. The whole experience of the diagnosis is a bit other-worldly I think. Good luck with the Avonex – how do you find the needle? I used to use an injector pen for the Rebif, but find it too much of a hassle now. Avonex is a lot deeper though. I think I'd need the auto-inject for that. I have the same philosophy with work, as well, though find people never really ask me about it. I guess it's hard to know what to ask / say which is one reason I started this blog – either to update people or to give them something to ask about.

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