RIP John Hicklenton

The graphic artist and subject of the documentary “Here’s Johnny!” John Hicklenton died last month in an assisted suicide, taking his MS with him.

As evidenced by the film, he would anthropomorphise his illness – he likened it to both a terrorist and being in a bad relationship. It was reported that prior to his death he had taken some delight in the fact that his MS also had a week or so to live.

I have reported quite recently that I had a few issues around John Hicklenton. By way of explanation, I was disappointed that the documentary showed him refusing beta interferon on the grounds that he would have nothing to do with medication that had “interfere” in it’s name, preferring to take the path of unproven and sometimes discredited alternative medication. Each to their own and all that, it’s just the reason he gave irked me a bit.

Despite these misgivings, the MS world has lost a strong character who fought for the rights of people like me with MS, for which I can only be eternally grateful.

His death was reported on the Forbidden Planet website.

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