DeViL’s Arse – Part 2


I feel I must write to complain about the appalling treatment I have received from the drivers medical group at the DVLA. I don’t even have any paperwork to hand, because I have been asked to send it all back at every available opportunity.

Basically, I have multiple sclerosis, and I have to update my medical details every three years. I received a CN1 and a D497 form to fill in, in the new year with little accompanying information (if any).

I wasn’t asked for a photograph, but the DVLA info on the DirectGov website stated that the date on section 4b of my license was the expiry of the photo. As the date coincided with the expiry date of the license, I spent £5 getting passport photos, but not before checking by sending the department a message via the online form on the DirectGov website.

The reply I received didn’t really answer my question, so I added the photo to the other info and sent it off to your department.

Two or three weeks later, everything was returned to me, along with a D1 form for me to stick the photo to and sign the box. The letter from the drivers medical group stated that this was the only thing I had to do.

I returned this, with all the information I had originally submitted in the first place with a note describing everything I had done, matching it up with everything you had asked me to do. I also stated that I would make an official complaint if I received anything other than my shiny new driving license through the post.

After three weeks, I have received a photocopy of the D1 form along with a blank CN1 and D497 form again. You have also sent me a brochure for the mobility roadshow, just to make me feel happy about my condition.

If I only need to fill in the D1 form, why have you sent me a CN1 and a D497?

If I need to fill in the D1 form, why did you say I ONLY needed to attach the photo and sign the form, last time?

Does the D1 form have any extra info that you haven’t already received from me via the original CN1 and D497?

It could well be that my photo is out of date because it is probably about ten years old. But if you need a photo from me, why didn’t you send me a D1 form with your original correspondence?

Do I have to go through this rigmarole every three years? Having to reapply is an irritation at best. This time I am beginning to feel that it’s demeaning. I shouldn’t have to jump through hoops or decipher the information that you send me (…or don’t send me …or send me twice). My license runs out on the 31st, today is the 27th. I expect a speedy resolution.

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