Losing it

My local supermarkets must have me on their blacklist.

The school run was delayed this morning as I frantically searched the house and my car for my wallet.

I lose my wallet a lot but never really feel like I’ve truly lost it as it often turns up on the floor of my car where it has fallen out of my pocket on the way back from the shops.

I visited both my local Tesco and Sainsburys last night and last remember whipping it out of the rather too shallow pocket of my new jacket at one of the attached petrol stations.

Today it couldn’t be found. Not in any of my pockets. Not in the kitchen where I dumped all the shopping. Not on the floor of our porch or the floor of the car or anywhere in between.

So I phoned each supermarket to see if some kind soul might’ve handed it in but drew two blanks.

On the way to school I thought about what cards might have been inside that I’d need to cancel. It was only when I turned round to kiss my kids goodbye that I caught sight of my work bag and just wondered…

Zipped into the safe outside pocket of my bag was my wallet. I had obviously come home from the shops (late) and stashed it away in a safe place ready for the next day.

I do this a lot. I even once lost a camera and after retracing my footsteps for hours in the rain, I discovered it in a “safe place” at the bottom of the washing basket.

The brain is a funny thing and normally I don’t have that many cognitive problems – I think this was due more to fatigue – it was late and I’m still a bit jet lagged after a trans-Atlantic flight.

I can find the funny side afterwards. I just hope my family and local retailers do as well.


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