The Beta Interferon blues – update

After just two injections I can feel the familiar feelings returning. Aside from the flu-like side effects (achey joints), I have been waking up, not suicidal, but with little enthusiasm for life shall we say?

One phonecall to my MS nurse later and I can announce that Rebif and I are officially no longer an item.

A(nother) month of no drugs should clear my system and by that point I’ll have a meeting with my neurologist about possible alternatives.

Of course, one of those alternatives might be a lower dose of Rebif, because whatever I say about it, it has done its job by keeping relapses at bay.

But I’m going to celebrate tonight. I’m looking forward to being officially completely drug free for the first time in six years with all the benefits that brings.

3 thoughts on “The Beta Interferon blues – update

  1. May have written this before (and before competing teams sing the praises of their own drugs), but if offered, go for copaxone. What’s that? CO-PAX-ONE as in phone (strangely, moan, lone, groan and bone seem less appropriate rhymes, can’t think why).

    I can bore you rigid with its plus points. The big downer is daily injections, but with a tiny gauge needle. Biggest plus is almost major side-effect free. Ok, rephrase, before -if offered and accepted!- you read four pages of side-effects. Honest guv, hand-on-heart, frankly speaking NO FLU LIKE SYMPTOMS.

    You know what, I’m going to stop. Really not the copaxone that’s led to this semi rabid rave. Most likely, sun in Leeds. In May. Twice.

    1. Thank you! Yes, Copaxone is definitely on the cards, but I’ve been told there are a few alternatives now in tablet form that my neurologist has been successful getting people on. A colleague of mine has recently given up copaxone though. I think she found the daily needle a drag (which I can relate to) and was fed up with the tissue damage. Sunny here too today (just south of Sheffield) so I’ve been making the most of it.

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