Time for a re-purposing

OK, so I have MS…

…and I enjoy writing – it’s my primary creative outlet…

…but I don’t always want to write about MS.

I am someone who has MS in their life but I know I shouldn’t let it define me. I have MS, but I also have two pet guinea pigs  – this doesn’t make me want to write about guinea pigs all the time, even if they are pretty cool.

So from here on in I’m going to start writing about other things as well. I occasionally write poetry; I have a long list of (true) spooky stories; I occasionally travel to some interesting places, and guess what? I have interests and opinions on things outside the world of chronic brain disease.

First things first – I’m changing the strapline (the title can stay) and mooching through the wordpress templates.

It’s time for a re-brand and a relaunch and I’ll aim for a post a month.

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