in a pot


rinsed not washed

piping hot

leaves not bags

don’t over-mash

milk just a dash

red as brick

drunk quick twice a day

twelve hours apart

leave it neat

nothing sweet

let it fire up the heart

let it scald the osophagus and make you frown

forcing you to sit up

as it goes down


* mash = brew (local dialect)

2 thoughts on “Formula

  1. After listening to something Philip Pullman said in the Adam Buxton podcast, we started brewing our own blend. one scoop Assam, one scoop Ceylon and one scoop Lapsang Souchong in a teapot. Life changing! We’re actually giving this to our family as Christmas presents this year!

    1. Like a tea barista! I listen to that podcast as well. I’m not sure if I’ve had Ceylon but I used to drink lapsang souchong black. Sounds intriguing. I always say that making tea is the nearest you’ll get to being a Michelin chef. Every now and then the planets align and you make the perfect cuppa in full knowledge that you followed your own formula to get there and absolutely nobody else could have made tea that good at that moment.

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