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my magical head

Hello! I’m Dave and I have a magical brain. In fact we all do. It’s only when things start to go wrong that this really becomes apparent. Not just in terms of any impairment, but also by the way the brain can heal itself, or cope with disease.

I was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis in June 2008.

I like to think I approach the condition positively. This blog was created so that I can share my MS experiences with the rest of the web wide world, get things off my chest, vent spleen, say how crap/good things are and generally update friends with my “situation” just in case they feel uncomfortable asking me directly.

I guess I also want to share my experiences, because having MS can sometimes be quite lonely. There might be people reading this who are newly diagnosed and trawling the web to find some information or some common ground with others.

A lot of discussion forums and websites are filled with people trying to out-do each other with the severity of their symptoms and generally portray having MS as a completely negative experience. I guess I also want to prove that there are also a lot of helpful, supportive people online as well, willing to take time out to empathise, share coping techniques and listen to your gripes and moans.

MS sucks, this is true. The comedian Richard Pryor, already diagnosed with terminal cancer, used to say that it stood for “more shit.” I want to show that having MS is not the end of the world.

… It’s not even the end of your life.

One thought on “About this blog

  1. Hey Dave…. I love your approach to this :~)

    it is in our attitude how we walk through this world
    and how the world interacts with us

    we cast our thoughts
    in words
    and send them out
    into the world
    not knowing
    where they will land


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