My MS history

I was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis in June 2008.

Once somebody tells you, you have MS, you start to piece a jigsaw together. Perhaps that strange tingling sensation you had in your right arm last year had something to do with it. Or in my case the vertigo diagnosis from the previous year and the little numb patch between my big toe and the others.

The journey between the onset of symptoms and the diagnosis is unlike anything you will ever experience. The UK MS Society refer to this period as Limboland. Even now the fact that this has all happened to me seems so surreal.

These pages are an attempt to get my head round what has happened to me since one fateful morning…

>> Part 1 – Faulty goods

>> Part 2 – Limboland

>> Part 3 – Diagnosis

>> Part 4 – Piecing the jigsaw

>> Part 5 – The medication arrives

>> Part 6 – One year on

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