I’m not in the habit of complaining, and I don’t want to be the sort of person who does, but the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) have seen fit to part me from my driving license.

Apparently multiple sclerosis falls into a category of degenerative medical conditions whereby I can only be issued with a short-term (three year) license. When this runs out I will be sent a “computer generated form” and asked to re-apply. I only hope it doesn’t result in the hopeless correspondence I have experienced with the DVLA so far, which has involved all sorts of irrelevant questioning on their part and needless reiteration on mine.

The definition of discrimination includes “Treatment or consideration based on class or category rather than individual merit” (source: Wiktionary), which is surely what this is, because apart from the DVLA’s decision, I am legally obliged (along with the rest of the population) to inform them of any deterioration in my health anyway.

I have sent my license off to Swansea, before they officially revoke it. I can appeal if I want, but if I did it would be on behalf of people in the UK with MS rather than on my own individual circumstance. I have checked out the Disability Discrimination Act (the legal eagle that I am!) and there appears to be a clause whereby this sort of thing is allowed if an Act of Parliament requires it, so it’s set in law. In this case, I think the law is the DeViL‘sA**e

3 thoughts on “DeViL’sArse

  1. Oh great. Something to look forward to. Idiots. The flip side, from what I hear, is that it’s also an absolute sod to get a blue badge too (should you be unlucky enough to need one any day soon).

  2. My license is now 5 months late mate !!! I dont have your very same issues but mine were medicinal and i had to tell them BY LAW AND BY ACT yeah!!! Well 5 months later and im no longer taking it but still have no license,,, i cant visit my beautiful daughters which killsme and i sseem to have no respite either, ,,, im apparently on the “urgent” priority list which is as high ad you can get and all i need is the dvla approved dr whos avtualky down the same corridor to sign me off but he doesn’t seem to manage it!!!
    Now in my own mind drs work very hard but ive discovered that the so calked dvla drs work in their offices 40hrs a week!!! So i guess that means they dont actually help real patients and i wonder if there real drs anyway? ??
    Please bear in mind that Jeremy Clarkson is a dr twice ha haa, so will he be working there if netflix dont sign him ha ha haa.
    screw Dvla a more inept org ive never encountered and please excuse my dyslexia too
    god bless
    Patrick lewis

    1. Hi Patrick. Had the same problems this year (note original blog post was 2009). They sent me the forms in March and I only got my licence at the beginning of August after being put on the emergency list due to impending holiday car hire etc.

      To be fair, once I was on the list, I did get the licence within the week. So you shouldn’t have to wait long I’d have thought.

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