Thanks where it’s due for a badge of blue

OK, so purely in terms of disease progression and mobility it hasn’t been an easy year for me (pandemic? …what pandemic?) so I’d just like to give a shout out to my Derbyshire County Council colleagues in the Blue Badge team for processing my application and delivering a shiny new badge to me in less than a fortnight. When you consider it took the DVLA a whole year to supply me with a new 3-year driving licence, it’s safe to say this is a fantastic turnaround.

As I know from personal experience, local government teams are very often in the social media firing line for things going wrong that are out of their control, so I’d just like to give some thanks and kudos where it’s due. This will be business-as-usual for our Blue Badge team but I’m a firm believer that the business-as-usual should be celebrated when it works well and gives people a sense of empowerment.

I didn’t know how I’d feel if I ever needed a blue badge, but far from making me feel disabled it’s opened up a whole new window of possibilities. Last night I took my eldest to the supermarket just so I could christen it by parking in a disabled space. We were the only car in the car park, but hey!

I’m now really looking forward to using it this weekend. We’re all off across the Pennines, where I’ll become Great Uncle Dave with our newest family members, the mental burden of parking and accessibility well and truly lifted.

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