Uninvited MonSter

People talk about fighting MS, there’s even a Facebook group (of which I am admittedly a member) titled “Fight Multiple Sclerosis” but I don’t know if I can agree with that. I don’t think you can fight it, better to learn to live with it, accept it is happening and live your life regardless.

I often think that having MS is like having an uninvited monster (mine resembles Sweetums from the Muppet Show) living in your house, sitting on your chest as you lie in bed in the morning, following you to work, demanding a piggy back when you are walking up hill etc…

It’s impossible to get this monster to leave – it’s here to stay so better to try and house-train it. Tame it a bit. Tranquilise it with drugs. Learn some techniques to manage it – that sort of thing.

4 thoughts on “Uninvited MonSter

  1. OK Dave. You’re a veryassed out the other d good writer but long winded.. MS sucks and I like it that you admit that in writing on a blog site. Try gilenya. Feel pretty good when it comes to that. Passed out the other day. Long time since that happened. Got real tired of Rebif but no MRI changes during that time. Bored and suicidal some. Always a bar girl but can’t drink now. Not worth it.
    Oh well. Lost a lot. Pretty pissed. Can’t work or drive. Like I said Oh well. Read that a gluten free diet could CURE MS. Yeah ok. One random sentence–I would think that would be BIG news. So what’s the point. Talk at you later. JC

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